Madison Grove Thanks You For Your Generosity!

We can accept donations via PayPal, or, if you prefer, in the form of cash, check, money-order and "in kind" through our main office.

If you would like to donate via PayPal, please click the PayPal button below!

If you would like to send your donation in the mail, feel free to send it to the following address:

Madison Grove
PO Box 57
Fall City, WA 98024

If you would like to receive a contribution receipt, please include your name and address with your donation. If you would prefer not to receive a contribution receipt, feel free to note that with your donation as well.

Contributions welcome for the following:


Madison Grove is home to between 3 and 6 horses. Each horse eats approximately 3 tons of hay per year! At $300 a ton, providing hay for our horses is a continuing necessity. If you are interested in sharing a donation of hay to the farm, please feel free to give us a call at our farm office at 425-445-8623. If you would like to share a monetary donation to be used specifically for the purchase of hay during the year, please designate your desire on your check, money order or online donation. Thank you!

Standing at less than 5 acres we are constantly evaluating our program in order to better serve the children and horses.

Volunteer Staff Education
Continuing the education of our staff is essential to providing quality service to the children. Please specify if you would like to donate directly to their growth.


Various types of equipment are needed for the upkeep of the farm property and program. We are always in need of tools such as rakes, plastic manure forks, shovels, Dewalt rechargeable drills, pliers, hammers, hand saws, carpentry tools, gardening tools and hay gathering tools. For more ideas on items that are needed at the farm, please check out our wish list below!


Nonprofit Information
Madison Grove is a nonprofit organization classified as a 501 (c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service. Our federal tax identification number is #27-0801829.

Contribution Receipts
With the contact information we receive, we distribute contribution receipts via mail or email quarterly to every donor. If you donated to Madison Grove and did not receive a quarterly contribution receipt and would like to, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to put one together for you.

Wish List

Below is our wish list. These are things the farm needs or would benefit from. You may also send a check for one or more of the items listed below. Just designate on your check what item(s) you would like us to purchase with it.


  • Covered Round Pen – This is a significant “Wish” and we have started a fund to get us there, total cost will be $30K (to include footing, roof, panels, gate). We will gladly accept any amount donation to be allocated towards the fund of our covered riding arena. Adding this kind of structure to our facility will enable us to see kids year round versus in our current program structure in which we see kids from May – Oct. because of weather conditions.

  • Tool Shed – To be used for tool and wheelbarrow storage (We will accept a prebuilt and/ or assembly required kit)

  • Horse Trailer – 2–4 horse slant load in working condition

  • Digital Camera – We try hard to capture the moments and miracles around the farm and could sure use a digital camera of our own. We would glady accept an SLR or compact version digital camera. New or used in good working condition.

  • FEED
  • Orchard grass &/or Timothy blend hay
  • Equine Senior feed or gift certificate to a local feed store (The Grange in Issaquah, WA)
  • Chicken feed
  • Rabbit pellets
  • Cat food (canned or dry)
  • Human – Snack for kids (goldfish, crackers, granola bars, etc..)
  • Pop to fill free vending machine

  • Horse size western and English bridle
  • Bareback Pads – horse & mini horse sizes
  • Riding helmets – children sizes
  • Riding boots – children sizes
  • Horse blankets – Various sizes needed
  • Grooming supplies (i.e. brushes, show sheen detangler)

  • Gift certificate to office supply store (i.e. Staples or Office Max)
  • Art supplies – Paint (washable & acrylic) & paint brushes, arts canvases (all sizes), paper, kid art projects
  • Fun, sparkly stickers for kid's stationary decoration and crafts

  • Heavy duty resin Adirondack style chairs or wooden Adirondack lawn chairs
  • Wooden picnic tables

  • Topsoil
  • Wood chips / Hog fuel
  • Railroad ties
  • Whiskey barrels for planting
  • Trees & shrubs

  • Tools
  • Plastic manure forks - new or in good shape
  • Power tools
  • Leather work gloves in children's sizes

  • Here’s another way you can help us:

    We now have our Item/In-Kind Contribution Receipt available on-line. Please complete and send it in along with your donated items. By pre-logging your gift descriptions on this form, you save our volunteer staff a tremendous amount of time as well as assuring the accuracy of the item descriptions on your contribution receipt.

  • Please print out the form and fill it out legibly.
  • Fill out the donor information and list the items and quantity of each.
  • The “Total” fields do not need to be completed when you turn them in to us, but are to be filled out by you at your leisure.
  • We will keep the original and will send you a signed copy for your records when we receive your donation.

  • If you are solely sharing a monetary donation, this receipt is not necessary as we send out monetary contribution receipts quarterly.

    We appreciate you helping save us a step!
    Feel free to ask us for more specifics.

    Thank you!