In The News!

The Horses

Willow - 12 yr old Quarter horse cross

We are proud to say Willow is our first story of rehabilitation. After hearing of our program, Willow’s owners donated her to Madison Grove in September of 2008. She came to the farm with both nutritional and behavioral problems, but with love and care she has broken out of her shell and has become one of the farm favorites. She knows her job is to give love and be loved back and she takes it very seriously.
Callie - 21 yr old Appaloosa

The sweetest horse in the world is our Callie. She was purchased from a not so loving or caring home by Marla and Darin McNary with the purpose to be rehabilitated and used in our program here at Madison Grove. With many months of rehabilitative care to heal Callie’s hooves and lameness issues, she has proven to be a trusted steed to both young and old.

Forest – 10 yr old Miniature Horse

Donated to MGF spring of 2016. Forest comes to our farm with crooked legs and a big heart. He is eager to love on those who would like to spend time wiht him.
Shadow - 14 yr old Miniature Horse

Recently donated to our program, Shadow comes to us with experience in working with children. For part of his past life he was in charge of pulling a cart for severely disabled children who were not able to actually sit on a horse. While standing less than 3 feet tall, Shadow is no small character and is full of love for anyone who will pet, brush or simply stand next to him.
Traveler - 15 yr old Tennessee Walking Horse

Traveler is owned by Marla McNary and used with the children as much as possible. He is full of enthusiastic energy and loves to have the job of caring a young rider on his back. His steps are full of bounce and his heart is full of love for those who want to take it in.
Lily - 11 yr old Tennessee Walking Horse

Lily is owned by Marla McNary, and like Traveler, is used with the children as much as possible. Purchased from a family who had absolutely no time or love for her, Lily came to Madison Grove looking for attention and ready to give it right back to whomever would stand near her. She has the heart of an angel and personality of a young child.
Flight to Star “Star” – 10 yr old Thoroughbred

“Star” was adopted from Serenity Equine Rescue after being rescued from horrible conditions in May of 2011. Standing at a HUGE 17.2 hands high (almost six feet tall at her shoulder) she has quickly become known as the gentle giant. She has been through a lot of hardship in her short life and here on the Grove she continues to progress through her recovery and integration into our program.
GUS - 15yr old Criollo/Quarter/Arab

Newest to our program joining in fall of 2012, is Gus. A half Criollo, half Quarter/Arab horse, donated by one of our volunteer families, Gus is a family friendly horses that comes with experience doing just about everything from western trail riding, dressage and more. He is a sturdy ride willing to be loved and worked by individuals of all ages and a great companion to his fellow herd.
Sunshine - 25yr old Morgan

Sunshine is our heard matriarch around the farm. Donated to our farm by a Board of Directors family member and with a resume that reads “done it been there,” Sunshine offers any and all a fun and safe ride. She loves to be groomed and loved on and in return offers console and healing, simply by being her sweet and willing self. Sunshine makes so many people happy and we are so lucky to have her here with us helping kids.

The Other Farm Animals

Fable the Farm Cat

With any farm come creepy critters so the need for a 24 hour “cat watch” became very apparent spring of 2008. By word of mouth and with help from a cat rescue group out of Snohomish County we found our beloved Fable.

Even though he takes his job watching over the small places around the farm as important, he has proven that his role as greeter and ambassador to the farm is his most important job. Everyone who visits cannot avoid the outpouring affection from this amazing feline!

The Bunnies

Flower (brn/wht) and Peter (blk/wht) are owned by two young girls who let us use them with the children in our program. If a horse is not for you then perhaps a cuddle with one of these boys will do.

The Chickens

What is a farm without chickens? In late summer of 2009, we adopted 4 Silkie Chickens. Now these are not just plain looking chickens, these chickens have long feathers that sort of resemble hair.

Later that same summer we also adopted a small Bante Rooster. He came from a loving home where he and his hens were attacked by a neighbor’s dog and only he survived. His owner felt he needed a new environment to recover and rehabilitate from that horrible experience so he came to live at Madison Grove. We named him “Roo” and very quickly he learned to sound off like a big bird!
Daisy - 4yr old miniature donkey

Daisy Mae is a farm favorite with a ton of personality. Her main job these days is to focus on bringing love and joy to visitors of all ages. Standing patient and willing Daisy offers herself to be used as a grooming feature of the farm, always willing to be brushed and loved by any interested to do so.

The Founding Board of Directors

Madison Grove Farm Founding Board of Directors

Liz Phillips, Becky Smiley, Robin Mooney, Marla McNary, Linda Shaw, Walt LaMonte
Marla McNary - Founder & President

Marla McNary, the founder of Madison Grove, has been a horse enthusiast since childhood. Marla envisioned a place where these wonderful animals could be guaranteed the love, respect and compassion that they deserve while paying it forward to struggling youths and families. With the loss of her sister Linda, at age 15, she experienced first-hand the therapeutic value of the connection between human and horse as a bridge to healing. Her trusted horse, Jake offered an unconditional ear to listen, a soft neck to cry on, and of course, hours of fun while helping to rebuild her self-confidence. Thank you Jake!

With the support of her husband Darin, Marla committed herself to the task of seeing the implementation of a program to offer support to both horses and humans alike. In 2004, Marla and Darin leased some property, poured hours of hard work and love into their efforts and created a farm environment, which began their journey into building the foundation for such a program to exist. As Marla’s vision has evolved, Madison Grove has grown to fulfill her goals. Today, the farm offers home to the McNary horses as well as a few boarding horses. Together with her husband they have offered to open the farm and the use of their own horses in this program.

Marla’s 29 years of hands on horsemanship experience, compassionate heart, limitless imagination and never-say-no approach shows promise that the future will bring many positive changes to Madison Grove, so please stay tuned as there is much more to come...